Weather in nearby Clifton, AZ
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Fair, 72 °F

Great Week for Wildlife

Wet Red Tailed Hawk in the Snow

Wet Red Tailed Hawk in the Snow

This has been a great week for seeing wildlife at the Double Circle Ranch. Doug and Roland saw the biggest flock of turkey that Doug had ever seen – about 40 birds. Roland saw a family of about 8 coatimundi. We have a bald eagle at the cabin and a golden eagle at Smith Canyon. Montezuma quail coveys are an everyday sight. Three times this week we have ridden up on javelina. Deer seem to be everywhere- mule deer and whitetail. The herd of antelope is still around our driveway. A pair of coyotes trailed me down the road. We have seen several fox and heard a bobcat. All seems to be well with the wildlife – and that is good news.

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