Weather in nearby Clifton, AZ
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Great Week for Wildlife

Wet Red Tailed Hawk in the Snow

This has been a great week for seeing wildlife at the Double Circle Ranch. Doug and Roland saw the biggest flock of turkey that Doug had ever seen – about 40 birds. Roland saw a family of about 8 coatimundi. We have a bald eagle at the [...]

Skunked Again!

Twice in 2 weeks a skunk, for reasons known only to it, has wandered onto the porch. Our 4 dogs immediately give chase. [...]

Antelope in the Fall

The antelope are bunching up like they do every fall. We have small groups that live close to our cabin. They range from a solitary buck to a herd with 5 does and a buck. [...]

Protecting Wildlife on the Ranch

This ranch has several Threatened and Endangered Species and listed Species of Concern. We do all we can to promote healthy wildlife populations. It must be working too. [...]