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Great Week for Wildlife

Wet Red Tailed Hawk in the Snow

This has been a great week for seeing wildlife at the Double Circle Ranch. Doug and Roland saw the biggest flock of turkey that Doug had ever seen – about 40 birds. Roland saw a family of about 8 coatimundi. We have a bald eagle at the [...]

Beginning Birding Class Led by Bob Luce

Bob Luce, world traveler and author, is coming to the Double Circle and leading a birding class. This class is geared to beginning birders – you don’t need to know how to tell one sparrow from the other. [...]

Watching Wildlife on the Ranch

We have the most incredible wildlife that goes through our yard! Lion, bear, and wolves travel the riparian corridor in our front yard. [...]

Antelope in the Fall

The antelope are bunching up like they do every fall. We have small groups that live close to our cabin. They range from a solitary buck to a herd with 5 does and a buck. [...]