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Buckaroo Horsemanship

There seems to be a slightly different philosophy about horses between cowboys and buckaroos. Cowboys value their horses and take care of them. They are the carpenter’s equivalent of a good saw and hammer – tools to be used and well taken care of. Buckaroos come from the old Spanish horsemanship school. They too value [...]

Buckaroo Horse Riding Gear

Getting back to the differences I’ve observed between the traditional cowboys and the buckaroo we’ve hired, here’s what I’ve noticed about their riding gear. [...]

Cowboy Fashion vs. Buckaroo Fashion

We recently hired a Nevada buckaroo here on the Double Circle Ranch. I am learning the differences between the Texas, Oklahoma, and Arizona cowboys we usually have working at the Double Circle Ranch and a buckaroo. And there are a lot of differences! These are some observations of mine and are certainly not true in [...]

More Help on the Ranch

Crystal and Buckaroo Michael

Double Circle Ranch is happy to welcome Michael Lee and Crystal Bennett to the ranch.

Michael is a Nevada buckaroo and brings many years of horsemanship as well as cattle experience to the ranch.

Crystal is a people person with skills in guest ranch operations and cooking. Plus [...]