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Vacation Time!

Ranch Dudes RVin in Florida

Where Do the People in Charge of Your Vacation Go on Their Vacation?

I haven’t written any blogs in 6 weeks – for a good reason. Doug and I finally took a much-needed VACATION! We loaded up the RV and have been visiting friends and family in Ohio, Tennessee, and Florida. We had a great time. Plus we picked Doug’s youngest nephew up in Florida. He will be helping finish some waterlines and fencing projects here at the Double Circle.

When you have dogs, horses, cattle, and barn cats, it is hard to take a break away from the ranch. With Bill and Amy here, we could relax and do a little traveling. They took good care of the critters and ranch while we were gone.

Vacations are nice and we certainly deserved one. But I tell you what – it sure was good to cross the cattle guard and be back at the Double Circle! Home again.

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