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Horseback Riding in Wide Open Spaces

Wide Open Spaces on the Dude Ranch

Wide Open Spaces on the Dude Ranch

Yesterday I passed a new truck on Eagle Creek Rd. The driver rolled down his window and asked if I lived here. When I said yes and pointed the direction to my cabin, he said I was sure the lucky one – getting to live here. And he is right. He and his buddy come from Tucson and Colorado. Javelina hunting is their excuse, but the real reason they come he said was to ride their horses. They come a long distance every chance they get just to get to ride in this beautiful, wide open place. If they get a hog, it is OK but not that important.

I have to remember that hardly anyone has this much space to ride their horses. It is a vanishing luxury to be able to ride for days in any direction. I can ride from Ponderosa pine high country to open grassland to clear creek bottoms – and never leave the Double Circle Ranch. It might take four days to get from Eagle Creek to high country – but it can be done.

That is one of the many good things about custom ranch vacations at our dude ranch. If one person wants to ride all day, I’ll take him. I never pass up an excuse to be horseback all day. If their spouse would rather swim in the creek or photograph the wildlife, one of us will take him to do that. Doug is the best with a camera – and will be better after Tom Whetten’s ranch photography workshop this spring. But we will all be back together at supper. No one wants to miss a home-cooked meal after being out in the fresh air all day. Evenings are for relaxing and enjoying the night sounds by a good campfire. Roland plays a good cowboy song too.

Darn right I am lucky to live at the Double Circle Ranch. Most people just get to be here a few days. They carry back their memories – I get to stay!

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