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Glamping at the Ranch!

Wall Tents are for Glamping

Glamping at the Double Circle Ranch in Wall Tents

We have signed Double Circle Ranch up on Glamping Hub. I never had heard of Glamping until I got a call from them wanting to list the ranch on

I guess glamorous camping is the “in” thing now. It should bring us more ranch guests. Everyone who has come to Double Circle Ranch has had a ball. It is a real adventure here. We may not have the massages and spa treatments some of the glamping sites have, but we have the Real WEST complete with horses, longhorn cattle, wildlife, starry skies, and lots of room to explore or just relax. We offer a whole experience – not just a place to spend the night. Plus it doesn’t get much prettier than the Double Circle.

2 comments to Glamping at the Ranch!


    Glamping…so that’s what I was doing when I stayed in one of your tents Sept. of 2010. Thanks for letting me know! I guess the hummingbird who got stuck in my tent was pretty glamorous, as well as the plentiful parking.

  • Wilma


    This fancy place wasn’t glamorous??? Just kidding. We are definately more rustic and remote than glamorous. People looking at the glamping sites are wanting unusual vacations- that we can do. Where else can you have all this wide open space, Texas longhorns, and your own horse for a week? They don’t have a site for out in the boondocks,roughing it with lots of critters,and good cattle and horses . Maybe we should start one!

    Hope to see you soon Wilma

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