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Be a Ranch Hand – Working Ranch Vacations

Are you looking for a working ranch vacation where you can be a real cowboy or cowgirl ranch hand, herding cattle and helping out with ranch work on a historic working cattle ranch?

Our friend Cande came all the way from Florida last week for her working vacation, and we all had a great time!

Double Circle Ranch has a lot of work to do every day. The Texas Longhorns are herded almost daily for forage improvement and predator – friendly grazing. Salt blocks are moved daily to treat old forage areas. We have waterlines to put in, drinkers to install, wildlife ramps to put on troughs, fences need patched, butterfly gardens need preparing, erosion control workshops materials need hauled, bird surveys need done – the list is endless.

So if you’re looking for a working ranch vacation, working on the historic Double Circle for a week or a month, we want to hear from you! Unlike other organizations that expect you to pay for your working vacation or eco-vacation, we don’t charge you to work for us! We’ll put you up in the bunkhouse and we’ll feed you. Your wages are wide-open spaces, fresh clean air, and feeling good after putting in an honest day’s work. We can take one person or a couple. You would be part of making this ranch a model for eco-friendly tourism and sustainable agriculture. And that is something to be proud of.

Contact us now to set up your Working Ranch Vacation.

3 comments to Be a Ranch Hand – Working Ranch Vacations

  • I would be glad to, I haven’t been a cowboy all my life and this would be a great thing to remember.

  • Joe

    I have never ridden a horse nor spent a night outdoors. However, it is my goal to do the 5-day cattle drive at some point! But first I think I will do one of your ranch work programs, so I can gain experience. I will sign up soon.

  • Joe,

    Double Circle Ranch would be a totally different experience for you. Be sure and pick a date early for the working vacation- we don’t have many openings.


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