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Women Only Ranch Vacation

Due to the change in ownership of the Double Circle Ranch we are currently not offering programs, vacation packages, internships, and ranch-hand positions. We ask for your patience as we undertake the huge job of restocking the ranch with quality Brangus to maximum levels. Our intent is to offer programs and job positions in the future but cannot at this moment in time. When we are ready to do so we will make an announcement on the website. Thank you.


Come join two to eight like-minded women for a ranch vacation to remember. Take a guided hike in the wilderness, trail ride for as long as you want on a good cowpony, take a dip in Eagle Creek, tour local historic sites, learn the birds and butterflies here on the Double Circle, and see hands-on conservation being done on this wolf-friendly, eco-sensitive off-grid ranch.  Enjoy seven days of ranch life and sleep well in your wall tent with private bath. Enjoy home-cooked meals served family style in our open-sided ramada. Expand your horizons in a country that time hasn’t changed and the view is miles of open country in all directions.

If horseback riding is one of your interests, Double Circle Ranch is your kind of place! We’ll match you with your horse right away, and you’ll be on the same mount throughout the program so you can really get to know one another. There is unlimited horseback riding here, and you can plan on spending as many hours as you want in the saddle each day on one of our sure-footed, sweet-and-sane ranch horses as you develop your riding and horsemanship – sorry, horsewomanship – skills while learning to ride some pretty rough terrain.

If horses are not your thing, no problem. Bring your camera and record the American West with longhorns, cowboys, and plenty of wide open country where the deer and the antelope play. Take a 4-wheeler trip to high overlooks, hike the riparian areas and help add to our bird list, learn how to dutch oven cook, explore old cemeteries and historic buildings, and unwind far from a cell phone and traffic. You set the plans for the day. Take an inner tube and float in Eagle Creek with a good book or tackle a hard climb to a mountain top. Spread a blanket on the ground and be amazed at the night sky with a myriad of stars that seem close enough to touch. Everything you choose is special at the Double Circle.

This Double Circle Ranch program is for female participants only. (Please note that your instructors may include both men and women.) Bring some friends or make new ones. Double Circle’s Women Only program is an experience you will cherish. You will spend seven days at the ranch with two to eight like-minded women, learning all the cowgirl skills you want. Minimum age of 15, please, and minors must be accompanied by an adult.

While you’re here, activities can include:

  • Map reading and basic land navigation
  • Ground work with your horse
  • Low-stress cattle herding
  • Basic wilderness survival skills
  • Dutch oven and open fire cooking
  • How to harness and drive a team
  • Riding in open rangeland
  • Relaxing with friends around the campfire listening to cowboy poetry

Double Circle Ranch used to be over a million (not a typo) acres of rugged beauty with over 30,000 head of cattle and 25 cowboys. We are smaller now – but at almost 37,000 acres, there is plenty of room to explore. Come prepared for an adventure! Double Circle Ranch is a place where the American West hasn’t changed much in 150 years. Horses or shoe leather are still the only transportation modes on most of the ranch, elk still bugle, coyotes howl, and the stars shine bright because electric lines are 30 miles away. Bring an old friend or make new ones at Double Circle Ranch. You’ll be glad you did!

Price  $1500.00  – double occupancy wall tent – Includes training, unlimited riding, all meals, all activities, and all on ranch transportation

Dates: September 24-30, 2012

Women's Vacations

Come join 2- 8 like minded women for a ranch vacation to remember.


Price $1500.00 double wall tent occupancy – Includes training, unlimited riding, all meals