Can Doxycycline Cause Lower Back Pain

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Weather in nearby Clifton, AZ
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The Double Circle Ranch – Grass-Fed Beef

Herding cattle by horseback at the Double Circle Ranch

Herding cattle by horseback at the Double Circle Ranch

A Down-to-Earth, Remote, Old West, Historic Ranch and Working Cattle and Horse Ranch

Quality Grass-Fed Beef Begins Here!

Located in southeastern Arizona, the Double Circle Ranch was once among the largest, roughest ranches in the old Wild West, famous – or infamous – for outlaws, renegades (both red and white), attacks by Geronimo, and cattle drives of up to 30,000 head of wild cattle.

These days we are an old west, down-to-earth, calf crop operation – an off grid, sustainable working cattle and horse ranch on almost 37,000 acres, famous instead for our grass-fed beef and all-natural ranching practices. But don’t worry: we are still pretty darned wild! Phones and cell phones don’t work out here, and we are an hour’s drive from the nearest conveniences. We are isolated from the world and we love it this way…